What does 3 Axis Inc. do?


3 Axis Inc. is a turnkey provider for exhibits, public art, and decorative architectural features.  We have years of experience working with community members, boards of public and private institutions, architects, general contractors, specialty trades to complete a project.  Though we offer turnkey services, not every project falls into that category.  We will assist you specifically where you need our expertise.  In the past, we have successfully partnered with general contractors and other design firms to provide fabrication and installation services.  We also provide design and CNC machining services to other fabricators.

We create complete exhibits in our own well equipped shop.  Our studio houses several graphic and CAD workstations, SLA and FDM 3d printers, and an electronics station.  We use Solidworks to create most of our shop drawings.  The shop is outfitted with a Biesse CNC router that has a working envelope of 63” x 127” x 8”, woodworking and metalworking tools, and an automotive down draft paint booth.  We create items out of wood, metal, plastics, and fiberglass in house.  We also use the 3d printers and CNC machine to create molds for casting parts.  Some items we contract to other specialty business partners.  For example we contract out direct print to substrate and mural printing.  Services we provide through partners include but are not limited to complex sheet metal forming, laser cutting, injection molding, metal casting and powder coating. 


Where does 3 Axis Inc. work? 


The majority of our projects can be found in the Midwest but we are not afraid to travel.  We have clients across the country from California to Connecticut.  Our clients include hospitals, children’s museums, art museums,  science centers, retail establishments, and corporate offices.    

Our work is not only found indoors.  We have produced outdoor signage, exhibit panels, and sculptures.  Often times larger items require a substantial concrete footing to be installed.  In such cases we hire structural engineers from the local jurisdiction to approve and stamp our designs.