Tot Town

Stepping Stones Museum for Children

Norwalk, Connecticut

Tot Town is a dedicated safe area for toddlers and infants to play. This project was a renovation and expansion of the previous toddler play room.  Stepping Stones coordinated the site work with the designer. 

This exhibit features a two story play house with a slide.  A large school bus and decorative fence divides the infant area.  Adjacent to the house is an area for art with built in cabinetry and a sink. A dance floor with bins for costumes is located in a side room.  The infant area includes a side room with full length bench seating and floor covered in high density foam pads upholstered with a soft durable vinyl.  

Exhibit components are fabricated from FSC certified maple hardwood and plywood.  This highlights our woodworking skills as there are no exposed fasteners, no fillers, and no gaps.  Some of the graphics were printed directly to the maple veneer.  The stains and finishes are water based with no VOCs.  The edge of every surface is rounded; and any place where a tot could bump their head is covered with an upholstered pad.