We are a studio of artists and craftsmen devoted to taking your big ideas and bringing them to life.

Every step of 3 Axis’s design, fabrication and installation process leads to the ultimate experience or aesthetic you imagined.

3 Axis Shares Your Vision… All the Way Through to the End

A 48-foot-long Twinkie hoisted up an I-35 billboard. A 10-foot tall Kansas City Chiefs helmet at Arrowhead Stadium. The Amazing Brain exhibit at Science City. A sleek, modern wooden workbench for Lead Bank customers. These are just a few of our experience design and brand activation projects. Each one is uniquely different, but they all started with our studio of artists and craftsmen seeing the client’s vision and ended with that vision coming to life.

Expertise at the Drawing Board, the Fabrication Shop and the Installation ​

When you’re looking for a partner to bring your idea to life, you want a combination of logic, imagination and determination. And, those qualities work to your advantage when you can have a one-on-one relationship with the team who’ll be rolling up their sleeves, working directly on your experience or installation.

What sets 3 Axis apart is we work as hard to build a close relationship with our clients and earn their trust. You’re communicating directly with our artists and craftsmen. Your ideas and specifications go straight from your lips to our ears. Nothing lost in translation.


Collaborate with our design team on the phone, online, on-site or send us a cocktail napkin sketch. This kicks off bringing your ideas to life within your budget.


The design and materials are refined down to the smallest detail. This is where your exhibit or experience is fine-tuned to ensure a smooth installation.


Once out of our workshop, the elements of your exhibit or experience are prepared for delivery and installation. We lead or work with your team for a smooth setup.

Our Projects

A Coordinated Effort

Since 2005, 3 Axis has partnered with clients who want to elevate their experience design, architectural elements and branding features. We’ve lost count of how many times a project starts off with, “I need a thing that goes here and does this.” With an idea… That’s how remarkable experiences, exhibits and installations start. With an artistic mindset and skilled craftsmanship… That’s how they go from pencil sketches to installation.

“I need a thing that goes here and does this.”

Tell us about your project.