Brand Activation

Brand Recognition and Loyalty Starts with Creative Brand Activation

Design and build a 48-foot Hostess Twinkie and hoist it on a billboard. That’s what Kansas City advertising firm Bernstein and Rein imagined for its experiential approach to re-introducing this iconic snack cake to the market. We love Twinkies and were almost as giddy that they were back as we were to bring this gargantuan-sized treat to life.

Brand activation is the process that turns strangers to a brand into loyal brand advocates. The most effective experiences imprint a brand’s benefits or trigger emotions like the beloved Twinkie returning to the shelves. It’s not an easy feat to create a campaign, event, or interaction that makes its mark in today’s world. No doubt, the bar has been raised and consumers have high expectations in return for their attention and loyalty.

The 3 Axis team of artists and craftsmen imagine, design, fabricate and install the never-been-done/seen-before experiences for agencies and their clients that consumers can’t help but notice.

“I need a thing that goes here and does this.”

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